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Yochanon Klein

Rabbi Yochanon Klein has been performing circumcisions for over 10 years. He trained under Rabbi Yankel Schechter, a world renowned mohel in in Israel. He received additional training from his father, Rabbi Moshe Klein, who has shared with his son, the knowledge and expertise that he himself acquired while performing thousands of circumcisions in over 42 years. Rabbi Klein has performed hundreds of Brissim all over South Florida and beyond and would be glad to serve as the mohel for your son.


What Happens at a Bris?

The Bris milah is a religious ceremony within Judaism which welcomes infant Jewish boys into a covenant between God and the Children of Israel through ritual circumcision performed by a mohel ("circumciser"). The word Bris means "covenant" and the word Milah means "circumcision". This happens on the eighth day of the child's life in the presence of family and friends, and is followed by a festive meal.
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Frequently Asked Questions...

Who can be a Mohel?
ANSWER: The Mohel who performs the ritual circumcision is a person who has received specialized training in the medical and ritual aspects of the Bris. The moment of the Bris has a great spiritual effect upon the child and therefore Jewish law specifies that one should choose a Mohel who is noted not only for his technical skills but also for his level of piety.
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After Care

It's simpler than you think. Follow these detailed pointers and enjoy peace of mind knowing you haven't missed an important guideline for the sensitive care necessary as your baby heals.
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